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Safety Moment Presentations

August 7, 2018
Safety Moment Presentations

About six months ago we started publishing a weekly Safety Moment. As time permits, we will continue to do so.

The Safety Moments have been well received, so we decided to make PowerPoint versions of them. They provide a structure and framework for you to initiate and organize discussions with your colleagues. 

The following are features of these Presentations. 

  • They are supplied in .pptx format (you will need a current version of PowerPoint to open the files). This open structure allows you to edit what we have provided, and to add your own material. (This approach is in line with the Process Safety Management philosophy of having a program that is performance-based and non-prescriptive. There are no universally correct answers — each organization must develop its own system.)
  • Each slide includes notes that provide background information for the person making the presentation.
  • They are priced at $9.50.

The first two of these Safety Moment Presentations are: 

  1. Operating Procedures — Defining Terms
  2. Management of Change — Defining Change

To learn more please visit

Thank you.

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