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Safety Moment #106: Process Safety Assessments

June 24, 2020

Turbine wheel example operating procedures

This week we have released Safety Moment #106: Process Safety Assessments.

All process safety programs have to be audited — typically every three years or so. There is no choice about this — it is usually a legal requirement.

Audits provide valuable feedback to the client’s managers. But they have their limitations. Basically, they generate ‘Yes/No’ answers to statements provided by regulations or company standards. If an auditor offers advice based on his or her personal experience and knowledge, then he or she is no longer an auditor — they have become an assessor.

In this Safety Moment we consider the distinction between process safety audits and process safety assessments.

Audits provide useful insights as to the quality of a facility’s process safety program, and how well it is being implemented. However, those insights are limited, led by experienced industry professionals, are needed to supplement audits.

Grand Canyon Leap — camera does not lie

We have also published Safety Moment #80: Not the Whole Truth.

Also released are Safety Moment #84: Prestartup / Operational Readiness Reviews,

Safety Moment #84: Prestartup / Operational Readiness Reviews

and Safety Moment #59: Risk Perception.

Risk Perception


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