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Welcome to the PSM (Process Safety Management) Report. We publish books and ebooks to do with Process Safety Management and related topics.


quill_logoTo learn about our printed books please visit the Sutton Technical Books site. The chapters of the books can be purchased in ebook form from the publisher Elsevier. We have recently published:

Weekly Blog

Sea-1We write a weekly blog to encourage discussion as to the future of Process Safety Management – both onshore and offshore. The blogs are shown by topic and chronologically.

Our current series is entitled, “Engineering in an Age of Limits”. Resources such as oil and groundwater are becoming increasingly hard to find and costly to extract. The ability of the environment to absorb our waste products is becoming increasingly self-evident. The effects of these difficulties on engineering disciplines and the industrial safety is discussed in this series.

To date, the following posts to do with the Age of Limits have been published:

  1. The Newness of Safety
  2. Nine Pounds of Gold
  3. Thinking the Unthinkable
  4. Pop Quiz

Monthly PSM Report

PSM Report

The PSM Report

We publish a monthly “PSM Report” which summarizes news, issues and other topics that could be of interest to the process safety community. You can sign up for this free publication at We use Constant Contact software for security and spam control.

A sample report is available here.

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